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YDS İngilizce Kelime Testi – 2

Daha önceki yıllarda YDS ve YÖKDİL İngilizce sınavlarda çıkmış kelimeleri de dahil ederek hazırladığım sorular… Bu kelime testinde toplam 5 adet İngilizce soru vardır. İngilizce YDS soruları çözdükten sonra yorum yazmayı unutmayın.

1. It is possible that a polar bear's white fur can convert more than 95 percent of the sun's ultraviolet rays into heat, which is larger than any solar technology that scientists and researchers have _ _ _ _ _.
2. While several rock carvings had been spotted _ _ _ _ _ _ _ , a new variety of them has piqued the interest of researchers, providing invaluable insights into their origins.
3. _ _ _ _ _ _ strategies for the energy supply sector, for instance, include the improvement of energy supply and distribution capability, the switching of fuel supplies from coal to gas, and the development of renewable energy, including heat and power industries such as hydropower, solar, wind, geothermal, nuclear, and bio-fuel energy.
4. It is reviewed that alternative energy resources has advantages and disadvantages, and many researchers hope that one or more of them may eventually provide a _ _ _ _ _ _ better energy source than conventional fossil fuels, which are limited sources of energy.
5. The major difference between an expert system and a simple database containing knowledge on a particular subject is that the database can only give the user _ _ _ _ _ _ facts about the subject, whereas an expert system uses reasoning to draw conclusions from stored information.

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